SciGirls’ national programming combines an Emmy Award-winning PBS series, multiple websites, hands-on activities and professional development workshops to reach girls (and boys!), their families and educators in the following culturally competent and gender-equitable ways:

On-the-ground: The SciGirls CONNECT educators’ network now includes over 204 educational partner organizations in 35 states. More than 3,000 informal educators, parents and corporate employees have been trained in SciGirls’ principles of STEM education, and have engaged more than 80,000 diverse young people with SciGirls’ STEM activities in urban, suburban and rural communities nationwide.
On-the-air: The SciGirls television series is featured on 91% of U.S. TV households, with a 100% market penetration in the top 25 markets. SciGirls episodes have been broadcast over 44,500 times on 481 public television channels. Based on available Nielsen audience measurements, SciGirls has achieved an estimated 25 million gross viewer impressions.
Online: SciGirls’ robust online/mobile site on PBSKids.org has welcomed 10 million visitors in its first three years. All of the SciGirls media and activity resources are free, and are available in Spanish. For a “snapshot” look at SciGirls’ programming, you and/or your team can:

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