What is SciGirls?

About SciGirls

SciGirls (pbskids.org/scigirls) is an Emmy award-winning PBS Kids television show, website, and educational outreach program that draws on cutting-edge research about what engages girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning and careers. The  transmedia effort has reached over 14 million girls, educators, and families, making it the most widely accessed girls’ STEM program available nationally. SciGirls’ videos, interactive website and hands-on activities work together to address a singular but powerful goal: to inspire, enable, and maximize STEM learning and participation for all girls, with an eye toward future STEM careers. The goal of SciGirls is to provide media and education to change how girls think about STEM and how the world sees girls! 

SciGirls CONNECT (scigirlsconnect.org) is a broad national outreach effort to encourage educators, CONNECTGraphboth formal and informal, to adopt new, research-based strategies to engage girls in STEM. SciGirls CONNECT includes 205 partner organizations located in schools, museums, community organizations and universities who host SciGirls clubs, camps and afterschool programs for girls across 35 states and the territory of Puerto Rico. The SciGirls CONNECT network is a supportive community of dedicated educators who provide the spark, the excitement and the promise of a new generation of women in STEM careers. SciGirls CONNECT provides leader training and educational resources to partner organizations, and each partner training session involves educators from a score of regional educational institutions.

Due to the success of the SciGirls CONNECT project, Twin Cities PBS has expanded the network to include new SciGirls partner organizations through the following projects funded by the National Science Foundation: SciGirls Code, SciGirls CONNECT 2, SciGirls Strategies, Latina SciGirls and Code: SciGirls. In addition, ten new SciGirls Strategies Trainers joined our SciGirls Certified Trainers, with a special focus on training formal high school CTE and STEM educators in Minnesota.

SciGirls key national collaboration partner, the National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) has helped to facilitate training using SciGirls gender equity resources across regional and local girl-serving STEM programs around the world. NGCP facilitates collaboration and provides professional development to build organizational capacity to girl-serving STEM organizations across the nation. NGCP has also helped enable role model-focused outreach for SciGirls partners through the FabFems database of STEM professionals. The database features over 1,000 STEM professional women available to act as mentors and role models for educational programs.