Blast Off!: Story Time from Space

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Twin Cities PBS (TPT) is creating a pilot episode of a new children’s television series, titled Blast Off!: Story Time from Space.  The series will be dedicated to engaging young learners (ages 5-8) in reading and science through the power of storytelling & hands on science.

To create the series, we will feature astronauts onboard the International Space Station (ISS) reading children’s books to the children of Earth against the backdrop of the universe! The astronauts will be joined by fun animated characters who invite viewers to join Blast Off!’s ongoing space adventure. Additional clips will feature children enjoying STEM and literacy activities, including doing simple hands-on experiments that viewers can try at home.

We Need Your Help!

We at Twin Cities PBS are looking for feedback from 5-8 year old children and their caregivers about a video of an astronaut reading a book from the International Space Station, which will be incorporated into the first episode.

Here’s what you can do:

Step 1. Watch the whole video with your child (about 8 minutes long)

  • As the video is playing, watch how your child reacts. Do they seem interested? What parts make them smile or hold their attention? What parts lose their attention?
  • If they lose interest, leave the video playing and see if they come back to it. (Don’t force them to watch or pay attention.)

Step 2. After the video is over, fill out this 5-minute survey with your child.

  • The first few questions are for your child. Please write down what the child actually says- we want their honest feedback. (It’s ok if the answer doesn’t make sense or is ‘I don’t know’).
  • The remaining questions are for the parent/caregiver to answer. We want honest feedback!
  • If you watch the video with more than one child, please fill out a separate survey for each child.

Thank you for giving us your feedback on this exciting new project!

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