SciGirls in Space

Funded by the The International Space Station National Lab, this media and outreach project integrates space-themed role model videos and gender equitable space science-aligned activities for use in SciGirls outreach programs at five locations:


Photo credit: NASA

The McAuliffe Center for Integrated Science Learning, MA; The Challenger Center of Ramapo, NY; The Challenger Center in Heartland Community College, IL; North Dakota Space Grant Consortium in Grand Forks, ND and Girls Inc. of San Antonio, TX.

Educational Resources:

Space-themed STEM Activities:

Role Model Videos:


ISS Astronaut biographies:

Culminating Activity:

SciGirls is working with NASA to coordinate a contact with female astronauts on the ISS in the spring of 2019.


Want to send your experiment to space? Check out this ISSNL resources:

Partner Expectations:

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Each educator will be expected to fill out a brief online evaluation form after the completion of their program: SciGirls in Space Evaluation