SciGirls in Space

Funded by the The International Space Station National Lab, this media and outreach project integrates space-themed role model videos and gender equitable space science-aligned activities for use in SciGirls outreach programs at five locations:


Photo credit: NASA

The McAuliffe Center for Integrated Science Learning, MA; The Challenger Center of Ramapo, NY; The Challenger Center in Heartland Community College, IL; North Dakota Space Grant Consortium in Grand Forks, ND and Girls Inc. of San Antonio, TX.

Educational Resources:

Space-themed STEM Activities:

Role Model Videos:


ISS Astronaut biographies:

Culminating Activity:

SciGirls received approval from NASA for a live media contact with the International Space Station on August 19th  with astronaut Christina Koch.

Watch here: NASA Downlink with Christina Koch

Girls from all participating locations will share their questions about living and working in space with SciGirls who will provide them to NASA and our host site, The Challenger Center of Ramapo, NY. The girls at Ramapo will conduct the conversation on behalf of all of our participating SciGirls. Twin Cities PBS will work with Ramapo to provide a Live Stream for all sites to participate. The downlink will be streamed on NASA TV and recorded for wider dissemination throughout the SciGirls network.

Want to send your experiment to space? Check out this ISSNL resources: